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Definition of Complaint

A complaint is defined as notification to ABPTRFE by any person or entity (including, but not limited to, any participant, faculty, or staff of an accredited program; any member of the general public; any representative of a federal, state, or local government; and any member of any other institution or organization) that sets forth reasonable and credible information that:

  • An accredited program.
  • A program seeking initial accreditation.
  • On-site team members, Board members, or ABPTRFE staff are not in compliance with one or more of ABPTRFE Quality Standards, policies, or procedures.

Where issues of curriculum delivery, support services, or program fees are concerned, a participant complainant must have exhausted all efforts to resolve their complaint with the program before considering filing a complaint with ABPTRFE.

Submitting Complaints

ABPTRFE accepts only written or emailed complaints that include the complainant's name, contact information, and a summary of the complaint. Where circumstances warrant, the complainant may remain anonymous to the program; however, all identifying information must be provided to ABPTRFE. Written complaints must provide the following information:

  • The basis of any allegation of noncompliance with ABPTRFE Quality Standards, policies, and procedures.
  • All relevant names, dates, and a brief description of the actions forming the basis of the complaint.
  • Copies of any available documents or materials that support the allegations.
  • A release authorizing ABPTRFE to forward a copy of the complaint, including identification of the complainant to the program. In cases of anonymous complaints, or when the complainant requests their name to remain confidential, ABPTRFE considers how to proceed and whether the anonymous complaint sets forth reasonable and credible information that a program may be in violation of ABPTRFE Quality Standards and whether the complainant’s identity is necessary to investigate the allegations.

Investigation of a Complaint

Complaints that reasonably allege instances of noncompliance with ABPTRFE Quality Standards, policies, and procedures by accredited programs, programs seeking initial accreditation, on-site team members, Board members, and staff are investigated in a fair and timely manner. Please refer to policy 12.0 within the ABPTRFE Processes and Procedures.