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APTA published content, including and other APTA websites, is copyright protected and requires prior written approval from APTA for its use, unless otherwise noted. For information on how to obtain reprint permission, please follow the below instructions. Permissions requests must be in writing.

Academic Permissions Requests

APTA Magazine (formerly PT in Motion magazine) and Clinical Management requests for classroom use must be submitted to the Copyright Clearance Center at or

Nonacademic or Commercial Use of APTA Publications and Website Content

APTA content requests (excluding PTJ: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal — see below) for nonacademic and/or commercial use (including academic CEU courses) must be submitted in writing to Requests must include details of the specific content (e.g., APTA publication title, month and year, page numbers, figure/table/appendix numbers, link to webpage), and specific details of how the content is intended to be used.

PTJ: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal

PTJ: Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal entered into a co-publishing partnership with Oxford University Press. Permissions requests to use PTJ content are handled by OUP. For information, visit the Rights and Permissions page

Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 4.0

Guide content requests must be submitted in writing to Requests must include details of the specific content (e.g., chapter title, figure/table/appendix numbers, link to webpage), and specific details of how the content is intended to be used.

APTA does not grant permission for its content to be republished online or in any electronic form either in its majority or entirety. Permission is occasionally granted to republish articles in print format or as a handout for limited audiences. Limited ChoosePT branded resources are offered for members to download, print, and distribute, as well as select resources that members can co-brand with their organization's logo. See below for how specific ChoosePT resources may be used. 

For online publishing. ChoosePT content may be promoted on your website, e-newsletters, in other resources, or on social media forums with the following requirements:

  • Provide a brief summary or description of the ChoosePT resource that includes a hyperlink to the original full resource at 
  • Attributions should be given to the American Physical Therapy Association as the originator of the content. Include a statement that says: © [current year] American Physical Therapy Association. All rights reserved.

For distribution in print. APTA may grant permission on a case-by-case basis to publish or reproduce ChoosePT resources in their entirety for redistribution in print to limited audiences. Email a request and include the following information:

  1. Identify the individual article (including its title and URL).
  2. The purpose for its use.
  3. Estimated audience size.
  4. Description of the audience (e.g., PT students, consumers, referring providers, and other clinicians). 
  5. Note the length of time the ChoosePT resource would be distributed by your organization.
  6. Your name, your organization name, email, and phone number.

Note: Permission cannot be granted for illustrations, photos, or images in, as these are licensed with exclusive rights for use by APTA only.

ChoosePT branded and co-branded resources for member use. APTA offers "free-to-distribute" ChoosePT branded resources ChoosePT Toolkit for member use. Select resources also are available in our Marketing Portal that you can customize and co-brand with your practice, chapter, or academy logo.‚Äč

Please contact Public Relations if you have questions. Thank you for being an APTA member!

APTA Chapters, Academies, and Sections Publications

Review APTA chapters, academies, and sections contact information for reprint permissions.


Permission is not required to use OPTIMAL. Note, however, that OPTIMAL remains the copyrighted intellectual property of Physical Therapy Journal, and the following citation must be included in all uses:

© 2012, 2006, 2005 American Physical Therapy Association. All rights reserved.

OPTIMAL is included in LOINC, Regenstrief Institute Inc. Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes database that provides a definitive standard for identifying clinical information in electronic reports.

APTA Logo Use

Review information regarding the use of APTA's logo, or send a request to Requests must include the specific intended use of APTA's logo.

Permissions Reprint Fees and Approval

APTA evaluates and considers all permissions requests on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be in writing and submitted to APTA charges fees for commercial use of its content, including academic CEU courses. APTA members receive a discounted rate. Users are notified of the assessed fee in writing (email), and prepayment is required before APTA's approval letter is issued.